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Created and produced Woo's flagship original show Nature's Calling which explores Gen Z's wellbeing in nature. Copy, concept, development and direction.

Created and developed the award winning LADbible original content format The Gap which has 200m+ views and counting. Copy, direction, development and execution.

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Worked with Soursop and Exec Producer to shape the creative for Woo's flagship original show The Bigger Trip remaining our relationship with psychedelics. Copy, concept and creative review.

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Wrote and Directed short form documentary The Phoenix, which won several awards and was nominated for Best Short at BAFTA accredited Norwich Film Festival. Concept, direction and execution.

Creative Direction and Development of Woo's Higher Frequencies with Kinda Studios and Butt Studios. Concept, direction and end-to-end execution.

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Creative and development for LADbible's award winning multi-faceted mental health campaign UOKM8. Copy and direction.

Creative and direction for LADbible's Respect The Water for LADbible aimed at highlighting the dangers of the water to those most at risk, young British men.

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Wrote and Directed the award winning shortform documentary A Long Way To Winning, nominated for Best Short at Manchester Film Festival. Concept, interview direction and execution.

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Creative and Production for Trippin and Tommy Jeans partnership Music Takes us Further which developed original content, podcasts, events and experiences for music led communities. Concept, talent, location, and execution.

Creative and Production for Trippin and SDX Launch video and stills in NYC, Hong Kong and Berlin. Concept, talent, location, and execution.

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Creative Direction and Development for Tommee Tippee's Parent On campaign. Concept, Creative Direction and Execution.

Developed, wrote and Directed Season Three of Art + Technology for Bloomberg. Concept, direction, interview, scripts and execution.

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Agency commissioner and creative for Warner Records promo for JC Stewart.  

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Creative and concept development for Pot Noodle MADE IT campaign. 

Writer, Researcher and original feature writer on The Moped Gangs of London for Vice.

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Creative, Production and execution for LADbible's Extinct campaign to end illegal wildlife trafficking. 

Wrote, Directed and edited the short form documentary The Silverbacks Football Club

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